Here’s a short disclaimer which I think should come in handy with all my future posts:

I don’t do pleasantries.

I only do either the awkward-head-nod-and-eyebrow-nudge-that-looks-like-a-weird-animal-mating-call or the overtly-comfortable-bone-crushing-hug. Right now, it is virtually impossible (appreciate the wordplay guys) for me to accomplish any of the above.

So I guess a simple ‘Hi!’ should suffice at this point.

Moving on, this blog is part of my evangelical new year’s resolution to open up. And things never go wrong when they start with a new year’s resolution, right?

With a seemingly irregular schedule of posts, but which I assure you has a part in the grand scheme of things, I’ll present my take on an average teen’s life. And hopefully, you and I both will survive this monstrosity.

Let’s start.


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