I don’t throw the word casually around, but I think I’ve hit the jackpot.

Okay, so you must have seen this at least once roaming around the internet:


I always thought it was a legitimately cool word, until today, when I happened to come upon the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. It’s apparently a project by author John Koenig, which attempts to fill the cracks in the English language with made up words having very specific meanings that hit home. Seriously, if you have never checked it out, go do it right now.

But that’s not what pushed me to write this.

While on there, I found another one of Koenig’s creation, albeit one I resonated with deeply.


How many times have I wished for this? I can’t even begin to count. It’s always there, this feeling, nagging and itching at the back of my mind. In classrooms. In movie theaters. During car rides. Standing upon rooftops, while my feet almost want to walk over the edge. (At this point, I want to explain to you all that I do not have suicidal thoughts. This is not about that.)

It’s been dubbed ‘the clarity of disaster’. And you may think whatever you want, but in our most primal of states, don’t we all desire it? Don’t we all want chaos and pathos to take charge in our boring, routine lives, and shatter our fake personas so that it more closely resembles what we are at our cores? In the words of Koenig himself, when we see tornados on the horizon, don’t we, too, sometimes root for the storm?

Go browse the dictionary, and comment your favorite word! (Bonus points if you include a reason as well.)


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