Yin and Yang, my friends. For all the bad in the world, there exists some good too.

Here’s to hoping this regains your faith in 2016.

  • LEO WON THE OSCAR! It was, undeniably, the first win for the year. Hurrah!
  • The Tiger population rose. Estimated to be 3200 six years ago, the number has now increased to a whopping 3890! Also, giant pandas and manatees have both been taken off the endangered list, so GO WORLD!
  • US currency will, among many other diverse faces including important figures of the suffrage movement, display Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, a major decision taken last year.
  • Indians rejoice: we made a world record, and for good this time! Thanks to 800,000 volunteers, 49.3 MILLION SAPLINGS WERE PLANTED IN A SINGLE DAY!
  • Remaining on the topic of conservation, the ozone layer is finally healing itself back.
  • And, in a groundbreaking agreement between 24 different countries and the European Union, the world’s largest marine reserve will be established in Antarctica’s Ross Sea – that’s twice the size of Texas!
  • For the nerds out there, yes, we also finally detected gravitational waves. RIP Einstein.
  • A win for the people, as the DAPL was finally put on hold after protests at Standing Rock.
  • There were so many awesome movies, shows, and songs released this year, I can’t even write them all down here. But, all in all, it was a great year for entertainment!

Honorary mentions:

  • Time stopped as the Mannequin challenge took wings the world over.
  • Damn Daniel!
  • Pokémon Go became a worldwide phenomenon.
  • DEADPOOL. Just one word.
  • And, finally, Chicago Cubs ended their 108 years old drought, becoming World Baseball Champions. What a time to be alive!

What did you find uplifting in 2016? Comment below and let me know!


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